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Field of research

  • Numerical simulation of gasdynamic and hydrodynamic flows
  • Multiprocessor systems
  • Quasi-gasdynamic (QGD) and quasi-hydrodynamic (QHD) equations.

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Round table - seminar

April 16, 2021

Quasi-gasdynamic (QGD) equations:
 past, present and future

(in russian)

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T.G. Elizarova

Book Elizarova
In Russian

Quasi-gasdynamic equations and numerical methods for viscous flow simulation


Publisher: Научный мир


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T.G. Elizarova

Book Elizarova

Quasi-Gas Dynamic Equations

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Contents of the book

This monograph is devoted to contemporary mathematical models of gas and liquid dynamics and to the related numerical methods for compressible and incompressible flow simulations.

We consider two related mathematical models that generalize the Navier-Stokes system of equations. Both models are different from the Navier-Stokes system in additional dissipative terms with a small parameter. The new models are named quasi-gasdynamic and quasi-hydrodynamic systems of equations. Basing on these models we construct new robust algorithms for non-stationary viscous flow and demonstrate numerical examples of flow simulation.

Universality, efficiency and accuracy of these algorithms are provided by validity of conservation laws and entropy balance for the described models.

The book is intended for scientific researchers and engineers engaged in the construction of numerical algorithms and practical computations of gas flows. It will be also useful for graduate and postgraduate students that specialize in numerical gas and liquid dynamics.

T.G. Elizarova, I.A. Shirokov

Book Elizarova Shirokov

Regularized equations and examples of their use in the modeling of gas-dynamic flows

Download the book as a PDF-file .
Results of the application of regularized, or quasi-gas dynamic (QGD) equations in problems of numerical modeling of subsonic and supersonic flows of a viscous compressible gas are presented. The variants of the discontinuities decay and free and bounded turbulent flows at low Reynolds numbers are considered. The special form of the QGD dissipation makes it possible to model all these gas dynamic flows uniformly.

Moscow, MAKS press, 2017. 136 pages